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Bonnie, USA

"You know how some things in one's life are life-changing? This is a sacred memory of mine. Thank you for your service to your fellow souls here on this beautiful Mother Earth."

Philippe, Switzerland

"Tony's classes keep me hooked to continue on this spiritual path that I'm so happy to be on. Revelations happen one after the other - about life, about myself... I strongly recommend to join and see for yourself. Thank you Tony."

Daria, Croatia

“There are no words to describe. Thank you so much for this great gift.”

Tryn, USA

“I can feel the peace coming from your post. Even through technology, real human vibes can be transmitted. Thank you.”

Patricia, The Netherlands

"Tony is straightforward but talks from the heart, very beautiful and inspiring."

Rahma, New Zealand

"Tony's transmissions are really the most supportive life-line imaginable. No matter what situation we may find ourselves in, he guides us everyday to experience being part of a peaceful, loving, yet amazingly exciting and adventurous life."

Ilanta, UK

"The last Satsang was beautiful as usual... homeopathic doses of wisdom. Very subtle and highly effective."

Pedro, Portugal

"Tony is the best teacher I know. Truth is that since Osho I have never felt what I feel in Tony's frequency. Highly recommended to experience at least once."

Satprem, Sweden

"This magic can not be grasped by the mind. I am left in immense gratitude, where my heart has been opened towards the Infinite and sings along in the harmonic bliss of existence. How can I put it? Thank you."

Habiba, UK

"Definitely a Master Meditation as reminding us that the most essential aspect is to be deeply in the present moment. The extra beauty of this Meditation with Tony is that he works with us energetically so that we have extra support in realising the words! What a Blessing!"

Jutta, Germany

"You want to break free from all those self imposed restrictions? Need some help? Turn to Tony!"

Terrisa, USA

"My boyfriend and I did this together and loved it. We came out feeling alive and refreshed. Will definitely do this again!"

Gertraude, Austria

"Thanks a lot for all of the energy transmissions. All were very intensive experiences and important reminders. It gave me the impulse to prioritise more my daily meditations."

Erika, Switzerland

“The 'Third Eye Meditation' is one of my favorites: listened daily under the stars before and whilst pregnant... And it is still potent after all these years!”

Milena, Slovenia

“I would like to express my deep thankfulness for yesterday satsang, meditation & energy transmission. Somehow it was so special, powerful and meaningful, it was like coming to the core. Thank you for all precious gifts!”

Sibra, Portugal

"It was very helpful to me. I was missing the transmissions! Thank you!"

S.K., Portugal

It was amazing to focus on these Satsangs. The days after these unique experiences it felt like being alive in a new dimension of life. That’s how life has to be. I hope this energy and healing will make the world a better place to live in."

Carole, New Zealand

"Thank you Tony for sharing your unconditional love with us so that we may recognize that same love within ourselves!"

Oscar, Portugal

"Tony is a shiny reminder and an example of what a true spiritual teacher or master is in the flesh. A true being of light and love who teaches in practical day to day examples."

Lidija, Croatia

"Love yourself and love Tony and enjoy the time of being together in meditation."

Barica, Croatia

"I strongly recommend Tony Samara teachings!"

Suzette, The Netherlands

"Anyone who wants to free them selves... listen!"

Mario, The Netherlands

"A spiritual teacher who works very gently but deeply with people."

RoseAnne, Gibraltar

“The whole weekend was such a treat and it means a lot to me that Tony comes to Portugal regularly so that I am able to experience his wonderful teachings and share in some of the valuable lessons and exercises we do.”

Andressa, Brazil

“I'm already in the next series and can't wait to attend a retreat. Tony's teachings are very inspiring, sweet, and wise. Thank you for the beautiful work you're doing, making this world more enlightened, peaceful and resonating love. Warm regards from Brazil."

Lidija, Croatia

"Tony is very clear and explains everything in a very coherent way. His wisdom and knowledge are of great help in dealing with everyday chaotic life and many stressful situations."

Habiba, UK

"The Guru for the present day!"

Aleksandra, Slovenia

"Tony is really trying to show us the way to our hearts and he is doing it in a very unique and down to earth way!"

Suzette, The Netherlands

“Feeling this space and getting clear answers, without even physically asking the questions... getting lots of help to enlighten my world, enjoy it more and more... It is a great and fun experience... Wouldn't want to miss it! Love it!!"

Suzette, The Netherlands

"It's beyond words... just listen and enjoy!"

Mitja, Slovenia

"Tony rules :)"

Viejita, Spain

"Every time I listen to your words my heart jumps with happiness and gratitude. Cada ves que escucho tus palabras mi corazon salta de alegria y gratitud. Gracias Tony, muchas gracias!"

Ms. Y.R. B., USA

"I would recommend this teacher for their grace, content and masterful delivery."

Vivi, USA

“Tony's meditations are such a great beacon of guiding light. Thank you from my heart!"

KK, Australia

“I received the Full Moon Satsang and WOAH! So amazing yet simple! It talks about the process of change when the unconscious begins speaking to us and how the mind tries to make us feel it's 'too difficult or challenging'. It's also reasonably priced at $10.”


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