Meditation in Everyday Life

The first step is to be really clear that meditation is important – meaning to place meditation as a high value system within your activities. Once you have that clarity, once you’re aware that meditation is important things fall into place but to help them fall into place, there are a few little steps that you can take.

Meditation doesn’t have to be specific. You don’t have to sit quietly for twenty minutes; meditation is just a focus so that you forget the activity that happens around you and you can focus on relaxing the body, relaxing the breath and making sure that the mundane everyday life is not such a heavy weight that affects the way you think, the way feel, the way you act with other people.

Breaks in your day are important and you can take those breaks anywhere – at home, at work. You can take five minutes off your busy hectic schedule and when you do this, when you relax the body physiologically, which allows the mind to relax and the emotions to relax (and that is one of the most important things that we forget here in the western world, how to approach life in a more harmonious, relaxed way), when you do this, things flow in a different way.

The mind is always so occupied because it’s thinking about so many things yet there are ways of allowing the mind to also relax that goes beyond meditation. One way is to focus on the breath. This is called ‘Pranayama’in the yoga tradition. If you focus on the breath, you can change the physiology of how you deal with your mind, you can change the way the mind functions. This is not as complex as it sounds – actually, it’s quite easy.

One simple thing you can try at home and anywhere is just breathing out in a more profound way than you normally do. If we’re stressed, we hold onto the breath, forgetting to breathe out completely but if you practice breathing out completely for a few moments you will see that the mind can’t attach to the stress of thinking, the activity that the mind enjoys focusing on.

I think this is something that we can teach children and the people that we work with so that there is more harmony that is created within oneself which allows for more harmony around you. Once you relax and once you focus on something more of deeper value, then you create a different reality around you and things start falling into place.

Such is really for you to experience, not for me to tell you about, so in the end it’s about practice. If you really feel it’s important to put this into practice then I think you will see the value of what you’re doing and other people will see the value and also life will show you the value of what you’re doing.

The normal response that we learn today as young people growing up in Western society is that we have to always control things and meditation is about letting go of control and allowing the higher aspect of yourself to take control. Once young people and teenagers, for example, put meditation or focusing on breathing completely into practice, when they learn this, it becomes a habit and then they don’t even have to think about what they’re doing because it just happens as a response to different situations.

If we can remember these simple techniques that can be used anywhere, and practice them regularly:




and Exhaling Completely

Then we are automatically:

Bringing more harmony into our inner world as well as to the external world around us,

Making meditation practice a habit, and

Letting go of control.

Thank you.

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