The Journey of a Lifetime

Disempowering thoughts have more control over our lives than we may have believed possible. Yet, it is easy to transform such ways of thinking with a little enthusiastic practice of 4 simple steps, which can allow us to enjoy a life of natural abundance on all levels.

“The journey of a lifetime

begins with a few easy steps.”

– Tony Samara –

Feeling of service to others, managing one’s material level with dignity and generosity, and understanding that love is eternal and has no limitations creates a sense of wisdom and freedom that flows into all aspects of life.

Being able to think in this way is not possible with a simple meditation technique or different types of schoolwork but rather is an art in itself, like the graceful art of drinking tea in Japan. It is not simply the outcome or result that is important but rather the consciousness and act itself.

If we act in a truly generous way, then this thinking becomes our personal law over a period of time and with every such empowering thought we give more energy to thoughts that are similar in nature and thus reach a higher level within ourselves and touch a perspective of understanding that is much more closely aligned with the natural abundance of life.

Additionally, as this art of thinking is repeated then the body and emotions begin to change to encompass this as our personal law and way of life. This means that the negative, fixed and rigid thoughts somehow disappear.

Unconscious thoughts that may make us think that we are poor, or that we are no good at this or that, or that we are too fat or too stupid or will never achieve our goals or dreams, leads to poverty consciousness. When we are able to change the way that we think, it empowers an abundant form of consciousness.

When we are no longer trapped in the disempowering thoughts, we can move on to step one where we acknowledge that we no longer have space for the poverty consciousness and rather open our unconscious thinking to the powerful hope and recognition of change.

This doesn’t mean escaping from the reality that we are living in but rather acknowledging our thoughts as real and hence an amazing step that prepares us to get ready to think differently.

With this step, we naturally flow to step number two which is affirming our positive thoughts in a practical sense with positive actions, not simply to ourselves but also to our family, our friends, and our community.

Affirming to ourselves that we are rich, we are good at everything, we are physically perfect, we are intelligent and we are always reaching our goal, consciously re-writes our thoughts. Once we do this, things begin to take care of themselves so that everything becomes more positive.

The third step is acting out these new positive personal thoughts to create abundance beyond the positive focus and energise it so that it grows exponentially (e.g. we deserve the best and the abundance keeps growing). Focus upon the growth and the growing rather than the lack.

Step number four is to realise that it is important to keep watch on our thoughts so that we do not sabotage our growth. Perhaps we begin to feel uncomfortable in what we are not used to, that which is new and unknown from previous experiences but stay positive. It is important to know that by constantly giving power to something on a mental level, whether this be conscious or unconscious, that miracles happen.

We may, in the beginning, be surprised at how often we think about ourselves in a negative sense and yet after taking the steps we may notice how easy it is to empower oneself simply with different thoughts.

It is always easier to recognise and relate to an old pattern which has become a habit, but understand that the joy of relating to the flow of who we are carries us to a sense of real abundance that is much more powerful.

As the old English proverb says, “Old habits die hard.”

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