The Oneness of Life

“When you believe that you are part of that Oneness and repeat the mantra from that space, then the power of the Cosmos starts to restructure your being and you become ready for the evolution that is taking place in the world today.

There will be some people that forget this potential and remain in the darkness, but it is a choice. You have the choice to remember that that darkness is the illusion that you are creating through your own mind. It is not the nature of the Cosmos, it is the nature of your mind that creates suffering.

The Cosmos is purely harmonious, otherwise, it would never exist as it does today in an ever-expanding way that allows for Consciousness to be infinite. And you as a human being have the potential to manifest this infinity simply through allowing the heart to sing the song that goes beyond pain and suffering, to sing the song that I would say is the Oneness of life.”

Tony Samara

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