Live Life!

Many people ask me for solutions so that they can stop feeling the fear of the economy and rather work towards supporting societies potential.


For me, the current value system has to be changed and become more people-oriented, strengthening their independence and creativity. It is not only about a social structure that sustains everyone, but rather the social structure that creates incentives for people to move forward and give much more of themselves to this structure.


Currently, in the West, we have a democratic social structure that supports the idea that, if we support everybody, which is a good idea, somehow people will work. However, there has been an abuse of that concept, because people have found an easy way to get around the system and in that, have failed to develop their potential. They want to have support at all levels, from the material point of view and from society, and to be acknowledged on some level. It is easier for people to accept a job that pays them three times more than to accept their deepest dream in a valid way and to do what they want.


Look at what people do to themselves:


  • they do not live their dreams,
  • they do not care about the state of their health
  • they do not care about the state of their mind
  • and they give up on life.


You only live once! And we should live life, and not be scared of what might happen.


It may be difficult at first, but we must do what we feel is right as if we go against our feelings, we go against everything. However, most people have these feelings blocked, they are not even able to feel anymore.


This is one of the things that I teach. How we can find our value system. How we can feel our value system. It is blocked since childhood. We have to take away from our emotional system all the wrong emotions or the emotions that were suppressed and were transformed in the way we see things.


Many of these feelings are negative, eg victimization, where we do these things because we feel insecure or powerless to see what’s really inside of us, or we’re in a relationship with someone because we prefer that that person makes us feel things instead of feeling the way we feel, or we are happy in a relationship because then we are not alone.


Live Life!  Choose what is most of value.