The ‘Perfect’ Within

Now, more than ever, there is a complex common theme that needs very clear guidance, so that we do not get caught in what can be a major hindrance towards moving to a more heartfelt realisation.


The theme is that all is perfect when we allow the ‘perfect’ within ourselves to be the inner guide that speaks to our hearts.


This theme that the world is opening to is created by the ‘inner addiction’ of the unconscious to feel/or experience imperfection, which has become a major driving force in today’s world.


This inner addiction cleverly speaks through our actions and everyday thinking, thus making us believe it is the real in us that is speaking. Even though on the surface all seems very clear, often this clarity comes from misunderstanding the complex forces that make us quite unique and human.


Any addiction in the end becomes self destructive and this is especially the case when it comes to the inner world that is called the unconscious.


There are forces within us that seek to force the part of us that is aware to recognise what they are. The unconscious needs to release that message daily in many dreams, habits, judgments and, very often, in the way we see the world and relate to it.


We can make the choice to be fully aware of this mechanism, and in the same moment realise the perfect within the imperfect but only if we are able to let go of the addiction that creates the idea of this perfection and, in doing so, embrace the real experience of what this means in life.