Forest Meditation

Imagine your favourite place, maybe a wonderful forest full of trees. Imagine the smell. This helps you to bring the senses to this present moment. It helps you to be conscious that the senses play an important part in experience.


As you breathe in the freshness and aliveness of the air around you in the forest, be aware that there is more to the smell than just this wonderful forest smell. There are all sorts of secrets in the forest and as you open yourself, as you become more present to what is here, you become aware through the senses that you are discovering many wonderful things.


Perhaps, you become aware of the smell of spring. The newness of the herbs coming out from the earth just like the gift to your heart. Perhaps you become aware of the sounds. Beautiful sounds that are so much more interesting to listen to than the sounds of a mind that is disturbed by stress or by too many worries. Let those go for a moment and be aware of the sounds of nature. The stillness and the contrast of stillness with the beautiful sounds of birds and insects.


Listen to both – the stillness inside of yourself and the wonderful sounds that create a melody that makes you feel more in touch with the harmony inside of yourself, more at one with what is around you. It is a wonderful feeling and it’s so easy.


As you listen and go deeper, as you sense and go deeper, you become aware that this creates a momentum in itself. A deep momentum where the depth of your body, the depth of your being is happy to open up more, to open up to these feelings that may have been forgotten in the activity of everyday life. And as you open up, be aware that the energy inside of the muscles and inside of the organs of the body, the energy that moves up and down the spine relaxes and becomes much more expansive, much more creative, much more alive. It’s a wonderful feeling. As the energy expands, so do the potentials of what is possible.


As you move beyond the limitations that one believes to be true, you touch upon potential. Trust this potential. Open up so much that there is no doubt, there is no limitation that stops you from moving deep within yourself to any place that is most beneficial, most helpful, most energising to be in.


As you breathe in and breathe out, notice how the energy moves up the spine in a warm tingling way up to the top of your head. It’s a wonderful feeling. As the shoulders relax, the face relaxes, the eyes relax, and this movement creates different sensations inside of your body. Your heart seems to be more still and in this stillness discovers a sense of joy and meaning.


Breathe in and breathe out and trust that this sense of joy and meaning, as the expansion, takes you to different levels of consciousness. The mundane consciousness of everyday life easily gets forgotten as you touch upon the more profound aspect of yourself.


As you breathe in and breathe out, notice how your heart is like a gateway, like a bridge that now is open for you to move to a deeper part of yourself.


Imagine yourself in this beautiful forest, looking up at the sky. A sky that you have never seen before, never seen so clear, so open and so inviting. As you look up, you notice the stars and all the light that fills the sky with so much beauty. It speaks directly to your heart. As you move deeper within this dimension, this unknown, so far away dimension, you realise that as you gaze into the universe, the universe begins to communicate to you in a language that is so beautiful that your heart begins to grasp the meaning of this language. This language is like a beautiful non audible sound that moves gently down and embraces all your senses, all your being, all your energy and begins to communicate and harmonise itself with you.


As you open up and let go, you realise that the work that you are doing is allowing you to feel this sense of oneness with the universe. The universe speaking to your heart in a beautiful song that makes you not just happy and content, but makes you feel like your heart is singing back to the universe, that your melody, your special song, your special mantra is now audible not just to your mind, not just to your senses, not just to people around you, but is audible everywhere.


As you move deeper into this dimension, you realise through this sound that comes from beyond desire, that comes from beyond dualism, that comes from beyond wanting or not wanting, judgement or whatever else the mundane mind likes to get caught up in, you realise that this song is so far removed from this space. It is just simply pure and divine in its nature. You realise that now as you let go of all the mundane, the depth of your heart has always been singing this beautiful mantra, has always communicated to the universe.


As you breathe in and breathe out, not only is this sound audible throughout the universe, your breath is synchronised with in and out breath of the universe, a deep expansion as you breathe out.  You let go of all those references, the cultural references that keep us so tided and so alone and far removed from what is really going on around us. And we realise that our true reference is life itself. As we breathe in and breathe out, we realise life goes on beyond those little thoughts that occupy the mind and life is so much greater.


The Divine is so wonderfully expansive. The intelligence of the divine, the communication of the divine requires that you let go of the limited spaces so that you open deeply inside of yourself on all levels, on the physical, mental, energetic level, to the reality of this intelligence that is now being communicated deep, deep inside of yourself.


Listen to the sound, listen to the breath. Take a few moments to allow this space to go deeper and deeper.


Thank you.


We include a video version of this meditation below. Enjoy.