Fasting in a Modern World

With a growing segment of the population advocating the positive health effects of intermittent fasting, more people are turning to this eating approach to not only lose weight and fat but also to improve the way they feel and perform.


In addition to helping individuals achieve their personal health goals, many claim that an intermittent fasting program is easier to follow than more traditional diets.


Currently, there are several versions of intermittent fasting programs being used by health-conscious people throughout the world, however, the principal theory remains the same:


  • eat all the (preferably healthy) food you want during a specific time period, and
  • eliminate all, or most calories during the period that calls for fasting.


Fasting to lose weight and improve health has been used throughout history, and thanks to the emergence of popular, new fasting diets, the practice is more commonplace than ever.


Unlike traditional diets that often call for a dramatic change in what you eat, intermittent fasting shifts the focus to when you eat. It’s a way of scheduling your meals in an effort to speed metabolism and maximise weight loss and fat burning results.


In my regular retreats in Portugal from, you will have the opportunity to experience intermittent fasting and I will speak about:


  • how this style of fasting works;
  • how it improves your health;
  • what to eat between fasts, and,
  • how to activate stem-cell based rejuvenation throughout your body.


I will also speak a little bit about healthy recipes and much more.


For more information about the retreats in Portugal, please see the link below.


I hope to see you there,


Tony Samara