The Divine is an Open Book

The divine is like an open book. There is nothing hidden and there is no searching. It is a matter of letting go of whatever is veiling you from seeing, so to search is indeed an interesting concept. In some esoteric schools, searching is about going far away; an alchemical journey is also an interesting journey but it too is unnecessary because there is no gold, there is no divine to find somewhere. If you are looking for the divine or the gold, then you will never find it. To go through an all-alchemical or mythological process to try to find the divine takes you away from the space where the divine is. So where is the divine?


Well, of course, the divine is there! Everywhere! But how do you find it? You do not find it by looking into compartments. You find it by coming back prior to where the ‘there’ is; by coming to the sense of this moment, which is before the concept of ‘there’ even originated, before the concept of ‘you’ originated, before the concept of ‘individual ego’ arose. ‘There’ is not in mythology, rather it is in simplicity and humility.


This is where a lot of spiritual paths differentiate their way of work from the Path of the Heart because they like to use complicated pictures. Why do we need all this to explain something so simple? Perhaps it is because we need all this to explain something so simple because it is not simple to our minds that need to understand it in a complicated fashion.


Divine intelligence is very simple to a mind that is open to immersing itself in the understanding and, in a way, it is also very complicated because it is beyond normal philosophy and psychology. It may not appear to be a simple thing but it is simpler than intellectualism. You do not have to go through the whole system of complication to get to the space of humility and simplicity. That is perhaps what characterises the way of work that is the practice of the path of the heart; the letting go of all those concepts.


I am not saying that such concepts are bad but… just let them go. Listen to the poetry and the intelligence of your own heart and let it speak because that is in itself worthwhile. We do not need anything else. Mythology is interesting perhaps if you see an eagle in a dream and understand it is not just an eagle but carries more significance to it. Yet for me what is more important is to experience the sense of the eagle that you had in the dream in a conscious way so that you can communicate it in your own language. Or, if you dream of a king, to experience what it is like to be a king, not just in the dream but above all, deep inside you. It is a whole experience. It is not about dressing up as a king, or going back to mythologies about different kings and seeing what it means, it is about your own profound experience – a complicated yet simple path.