Embracing A Diet of Joy

One of the virtues or attributes of soul is joy, which manifests as happiness and loving kindness. When you allow this attribute to be part of the way that you nurture yourself, if each of your activities is complete with awareness, if it has the attribute of loving kindness from within awareness, and from within loving kindness, awareness, then already you are letting go of the Karmic particles that create ignorance and you begin to see why what is important to do is to move beyond being preoccupied with yourself. Then everything is a communication of love, a communication from the space of your essence, not from the space of need or desire.


How wonderful to know this in the way that you eat. Every day, from the day you are born till the day you die, the primary importance is of nurturing yourself. So every time you look at the berries (now that it’s spring) you understand and respect the essence and you give thanks, and you show within yourself,  within your feelings and within your thoughts, the gratitude of being part of something much greater than yourself.


It is believed all aspects of life want to live. So when you know this and you look at the more complex aspects of life, from the basic cells,  the animals,  birds,  fish, and all sorts of other creatures that think and feel and have an awareness that is very similar to our awareness, and when we are connected to that depth within living creatures, then we can make a conscious choice. This means then that what we are doing is not eating for health, or eating because we want to live forever or to be healthier, but because we are letting go of ignorance and understanding the basic principle of life through the way that we live  and eat food and nurture ourselves.


As you breathe in and breathe out, may today in whatever you are doing, you become more aware of the living creatures that are all around this beautiful planet, all part of this beautiful ecology that we call life, and may that awareness expand so that we show respect and loving kindness to all and everything. This is possible in the way that you breathe, the way that you walk, and your awareness of all creatures becomes enhanced because rather than focusing on yourself, you are extending the light of your soul and expanding the light of your awareness into that which is here in this moment, and that is life. Thank you.