No Fighting the Traffic!

There is no need to fight the traffic as that is how the traffic flows. We can simply accept it as we observe it from a free space. A free space is the space where we are empowered to work with all these aspects in a way that is free of their energy.


We do not have to fight reactivity within ourselves, we do not have to fight negative thoughts within ourselves, nor do we fight anything else within ourselves.


We free ourselves of the need to do that, by bringing awareness into the space of our spiritual practice, as with awareness we can move the focus from one place to another.


The way to move the focus is to invite it. And, the way to invite the focus into something, is to bring it into the present moment.


The way to bring it into the present moment is to imagine the present moment in alignment with the reality that we cannot see.


The reality may be difficult for us to see, and hence difficult for us to conclude if we are caught in a part of the mind that is thinking this or that, as that is not reality, rather it is a perception of reality.


Reality is something that we need to align ourselves with, and that happens through aware conduct and spiritual practice.


Simple meditation practices for aligning ourselves at any time can be found here 

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