The Lives of People Today

In countries, where some of the traditions have been preserved, it is possible that the value system is a little more present but what I see in big cities, is that people are so absorbed with the outside that they forget the inner, psychological, emotional world; that space that allows us to return to a centre where there is peace and tranquility.


These sensations influence our way of doing things, our actions in life, and hence many are no longer in contact with them, and so, problems continue to arise in this world.


The young people are lost and no longer know what to do. They have lost the sense of respect and contact with the traditions that could be seen as repressive in some cases but at least allowed people to be clear about their space and where they belonged.


Today, with television, internet, social networks and family expectations in education, the demands on children are so high that they become self-destructive or are filled with feelings of revolt against society. This really needs addressing as it means that we have lost sight of what is really important, and consequently has created all economic, cultural and social issues with which we currently live.


Meditation is a quantum leap into positive and healing transformations.


It is all about changing a mindset! You see, living a meaningful life starts with the way you think.


In fact, one of the greatest clues to help change a mindset is to remember:


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space, and in that space lies your ability to choose your response. Remember within such a response lies your freedom.”


What this means is, when you think negative thoughts, you attract a thread of manifestations that are a consequence of such thinking.


However, the reverse is also true. You can re-educate the way your brain works and align with the healing, natural balance that manifests higher consciousness.


Simple meditations can be used in any situation to make the change long-lasting. You can find a playlist of meditation videos on the Tony Samara YouTube Channel


Thank You.