See the World As It Really Is

To describe the way I see the world in words is not really objective, as whatever I say will only be understood through the language that is formed for each person during childhood. Hence even if my words portray one thing our mode of communication – meaning language and understanding of communication – is too strongly coloured to completely grasp what is behind my words.


So I would say the best thing would be to attend one of the programmes live or online that are conducted as then communication happens on much more than just an intellectual level.


To release patterns and conditionings is the evolution of human consciousness. What this means is not searching or going to a place that is not yourself but rather coming home to who you are in the most real sense.


This can be done in so many different ways but I do emphasise these points clearly so that if we get lost in the mundane of every day life we have some pointers along the way. This is outlined in the guidelines of my teachings and more clearly in the books that I have written which go into depth about experiences that we face and how to apply the teachings in a very practical and functional way.


In brief, my teachings encourage everyone to practice their spiritual work and growth in their everyday actions using the following guiding principles:


To learn to live in harmony with nature, respecting our environment and caring for all life forms.


To be a beacon of light and an example to others in all situations.


To live a life of humility, simplicity and purity.


To promote peace and non-violence.


To remember that the physical body is our temple, which needs to be transformed, as well as the spirit; a vegetarian diet including products that are organic and full of life force is encouraged.


To be free of the consumption of drugs of any description, including tobacco. To work towards a goal of eliminating alcohol completely from our lives, thereby honouring our body as a temple of light.


To speak truthfully from the heart and have the courage to speak directly to people rather than behind their backs.


To treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.


To receive, we have to give. As we learn truly to give, we open ourselves to receive unlimited abundance.


To practice these teachings in our daily lives.