Start the Day in a Heart Space

How wonderful would it be to come back to a sense of presence, and in that sense of presence, simply appreciate this deep feeling, not from the mind but from deep within yourself; from this same space of feeling (I call this the space of the Heart), and from this space allow yourself to embrace this sense of gratitude that you are here and that this world is beautiful?

Even if it seems that there are all sorts of other things that make this difficult to understand, the world is beautiful, because you are here, present in this moment. And in this moment there are infinite possibilities, infinite situations that you can never know about unless you align yourself to the space of this moment with a positive feeling.

A positive feeling of gratitude is one of the attributes of liberation, or enlightenment. To be grateful means that you are detached from the perspectives that the mind is usually busy with. So why not wake up in the morning with that sense of gratitude and appreciation, as your first thought?

As you open your eyes, breathe in the world and say, “Hello, I’m back from my dreams. I’m back from my deep sleep. I’m back and it is wonderful to be back.”

By taking this simple step, already you set in motion a whole structure that, even if you are challenged during the day, as all sorts of experiences throw themselves at you, the structure is maintained.

The subtle structure of that grateful thought carries on throughout your day.