What is Reality?

After having read one of my books, somebody asked me, “What is the nature of reality?” That is a big question so I will try to answer it simply.


I feel that we have created a sense of reality that is far removed from what creates happiness. It is removed from a sense of connection to all living beings, to the aspects of ourselves such as our heart, our emotions, our mind and also to the people that we love. I believe that this lost sense of connection is the core of disharmony that is not only present in our world today, but that has also been present in the many hundreds of years of development of the western world’s civilisation.


We can see this in the whole world today, not just the western world. This creates conflict and a sense of separation from what we know to be the deep nourishing factor for humanity and for the world, which I call Mother Earth. I speak in the sense of Mother Earth nourishing our whole being, our physical bodies, our emotional bodies and our mental bodies.


I believe that reality is very difficult to grasp because of course, when we live in one sense of reality, it is difficult to jump out of that and compare it to another reality. What happened to me is that I was somehow forced to do that by being introduced to native people who saw and acted in a way that I was totally not used to. This made me question many truths and many things about myself that I believed were obvious. They became not so obvious and I began to search into the more complex sense of, “What is reality?”


Many people look at quantum physics for explanations and come to understand that by raising your vibration you can transcend problems and come to a different understanding. This is true but there is more. I believe that we are co-creators in our reality. I believe that reality is not a separate thing that we have to see outside of ourselves. Reality is actually so inbuilt into the whole mechanism of what it is to be a human being, into our cellular and physical makeup, into our mental, emotional and energetic makeup, that for us to understand what reality is, we need to go beyond trying to see it as a separate aspect from ourselves, because we can’t be separate.


As native people and most religions that are in touch with a higher perspective say, the divine or the higher self is everywhere, and we are creating this “everywhere” from moment to moment. It is not just something that is everywhere and separate from what we are creating.


I believe that to transcend, we need to understand ourselves, that to transcend a negative space or a limited point of view, we need to actually go deeper within ourselves. We need to ask ourselves, “What are we affirming or honouring in that space that we are creating in this moment if we stay in that limited picture that our mind believes to be the truth, if our emotions act as if this is the truth or if our body conveys to the world as if this is the truth?” We need to go outside and inside.


This may perhaps be quantum physics. The energy is everywhere and so we need to get to the core, we need to move to a higher aspect of the energy. This means that we, inside of ourselves, need to expand our mind so that we’re not closed in a little box. Then we can see the big picture.