Roadblocks in Relationships

Do you experience roadblocks and difficulties in relationships, friendships & constellations with people?

When you shift the discomfort/difficulty to a more “present moment” awareness and let go of the reactive or habitual story in the mind, then the roadblock doesn’t cause much suffering, as the negative energy is purified and moved to a higher state of consciousness.

When the discomfort is aligned to the positive energy of transformation and you experience it very mindfully, not only does it not cause suffering, but the ‘deeper experience’ is perceived positively and it is as if you and the other person both are being purified and hence transformed.

In other words, how your consciousness processes another’s pain, subtly teaches that person’s consciousness to do the same. The other person may not be aware that’s happening, but you are aware of it. You are aware that you are nourishing that person, and that subtly nurtures you. That’s why you can eventually come to enjoy being around almost anyone.

Simply extract from life the energy of focused learning and presence and then radiate that energy as positivity.