The Joy of Knowledge

One of the keys to a well balanced and happy life is awareness of higher consciousness and applying such aspects in our actions, thus maturing our spiritual practice. The ability to allow a measure of time to pass for the gratification of one’s desires, is a wise and non-attached way to work with the many impulses that often stem from a reactive attitude, rather than from a space of wisdom.

Aristotle quite rightly defined cowardice as someone who avoids difficulty, trouble, pain and hardship, and someone who thinks avoidance equals wisdom. Avoiding learning a language, music, mathematics or any skill you desire to gain because it appears difficult or troublesome to learn or understand, is considered cowardice. Whereas the person who is willing to undergo hardship and go out of their way to take the trouble to gain the knowledge or the skills is considered courageous.

Often that first step turns everything upside down as you face your fears and honour your courage and by doing so You have already opened to what is beyond hardship – the Joy of Knowledge.

Keep taking those steps.