Discover Joy in Everything

“. . . I believe that we have to put things into practice. We can’t just sit and watch television or watch life, or watch a relationship and hope it gets better or wait for it to change.

I challenge you to step away from the sofa, where it is comfortable to watch TV, and to participate. It is a wonderful thing when we realise that we have this power, which is not of the ego, but is wisdom.”

Take the time to assess what is truly essential in your life.

The beautiful surroundings, as well as the interesting meditation practices and energy transmissions help harmonise body and mind

The silence, the detox drinks, the plant-based meals or fasting opportunity, help us to relax and open to the simplicity of self discovery.

When our attention and consciousness expand, naturally the relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world becomes wiser, more noble and more compassionate.

We invite you to book now and participate in this unique

Solstice Meditation Retreat for Inner Peace with Tony Samara.