Jump Into the Unknown

We may not know what we want to change, we may not know how to change but we want to change and that clarity creates a power that has a very real and powerful effect in the world. It changes what most people thought a few years ago was quite impossible to change and that is not even through conscious spiritual work, that is just through the intention being so strong that it changes and pushes away the old paradigms so that there is the possibility and the space that allows the birth of something new.


There are spaces that are opening and in the beginning they seem to be very distant and we cannot connect to them, but as we become more conscious and more clear and put our heartfelt spiritual work into practice then it is possible to utilise our intention to bring forth those changes in a much more conscious way. Then we are walking the path to a depth of our heart and this means that we will be supported.


I believe that we can as human beings assist this movement by being conscious and this is why I like to share with everyone interesting meditations, which if we put them into practice today and in the future and especially in the next few weeks/months, where there will be more changes, more difficult changes that we will face as a collective group of human beings here on this beautiful earth, then we can move towards the birth of something new rather than get stuck in the fear that the old is there and that we can’t actually deal with it.


We can let go of those old structures and trust that as we jump into the space that is unknown to the mind and the space that is unknown to the innermost part of yourself, that behind all those things there is the heart, and the heart will support you to a beautiful harmony which is present in this moment, but that you can through this meditation bring into more presence not just for yourself but also for the many people who are perhaps dealing with situations that are more difficult than yours, that would feel very happy to receive this beautiful meditation through your intention, through your practice; happy to receive the space that it creates – that is a birth of something that is new no matter what the situation is, however difficult, whatever it is, there is always a beautiful learning that happens and the beautiful transformation that happens that then gives that situation real meaning.


So no matter what is happening in the World, there is a depth of meaning in that situation that feeds the heart of those individuals that are dealing with this situation and we can help that by connecting from our own heart space through this meditation, through expanding our consciousness so that we are clear where our intention is put so that we join in that transformation that is not just individual to yourself, but that becomes a world transformation that helps us to move beyond the pain and the suffering, back to the space that the heart loves and that is love itself.


It is possible to change everything.


We can make a difference.


Our actions, whatever we do, whatever big or little steps we take actually make a big difference.