Empowering Choices

A lot of people get married because it is the next step to take and others do not leave their job that they hate because they are afraid to do so or have children as they fear growing old alone. It is unfortunate that that is so, because life passes by them without them being aware of the true joy that is possible when they have children or do work that excites them.


I’m not saying that everybody should leave their work and go in search of whatever is in the countryside or is on a tropical island or whatever, but rather that it is good to listen to themselves when they ask the questions: “What is my dream? What do I want?” And listen not from a space of desire or in terms of needs, but what they really want.


When we are aware of something, thinking or writing about it, (as sometimes writing in a journal reveals more of ones inner truth) somehow we have already put the same emotions in it and that makes it at least more accessible and visible. If we do not know something, we do not see it – it is in our unconscious. We do not recognise the signal that tells us that we really like business but are scared to leave our job because, nowadays, the business world is in a very bad way. But what if you have a talent in management that nobody else has? And  you can do something unique, and be very successful in that.


Look at Facebook, for example. It was an idea that came up during someone’s university years and today it is a huge thing. But the idea behind all this was incredible. Many people have this creative potential and the world would be in a much better state if people would look at their personal dreams and create a society in which these dreams were palpable.


Not only that, many people have ideas but never look at them, except when they are too old to change.


The problem is that people do not live their dreams. This happens because of many things, especially when they have children and responsibilities. They say  they can’t live their dreams because their children need a good education or similar, but this is the worst thing you can do, because in doing so, you are not repressing that particular dream, you’re repressing the dream of being free. And when people start suppressing their dreams at a superficial level, then they start to do the same in  their relationships with their family and so on. This is also harmful to society, because these dreams do not materialise.


For example, people respect Nelson Mandela because he had a dream and always believed in it, whatever the circumstances, and it materialised. Such people who carry their dreams are an inspiration and we hold them in high regard, but we do not believe this dream to be possible for ourselves.


To start with we can do this with little things. We don’t need to be Nelson Mandela, we can be a businessman who invents a small thing, but that small thing can be useful for everybody, yet many people do not take this step.


Society would find it beneficial to stop feeling the fear of the economy and the budget for next year and pay more attention to children and youth, to dreams and education, and work to support this potential.


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