Adapting to Our Evolution

It is so easy to get into a negative when the mind is focused on a problem. For example, if you are suffering and focusing on your suffering, you may then fall into being a victim to that suffering. You may also think about all the suffering that other people are going through, or perhaps connect to the suffering that you experienced as a child and then more of the same happens. You know this situation, don’t you?

To experience deep and beautiful sleep we need to allow for coherence to happen, which means letting go of all those problems, letting go of how we’ve adapted to life throughout our history here on Earth and just saying, “It’s OK, I don’t need anything. I don’t need to worry about all this. I don’t need to get caught in all these things. I’m here to sleep or I’m here to meditate.”

The practice of meditation means consistently to meditate once or twice a day, and if it is time to sleep that you sleep hopefully once a day, and during those times that is what you are doing. You are present to that activity and nothing else.

Our mind is not the enemy. It’s just the way that we have connected to our mind throughout our history here on Earth. I don’t mean just our evolutionary history, but rather to all the years that we’ve been here on Earth, the way we have connected to our mind is really upside down.

So, tuning into the energy of your body, the energy of your energy that is beyond just your mental energy, the energy that is life is very important. This energy is very mysterious and this is often when people give up, when it comes to meditation, and they may say, “I don’t really know how to meditate, it’s so difficult, I thought it was just about closing my eyes and focusing on a mantra, or focusing on the breath, and then everything would fall into place. I’ve been doing this for years and I don’t know what to do.”

You know, the mind will come to a point where it wants to stay in control, but at the same time give up and this dilemma is part of the chaos that the mind creates when you’re slowly coming back to a state of coherence.

To enter into deeper states of consciousness, that which has created the veil, that which has created the wall that prevents you from coming back to your original state of mind that is in a coherent state, that comes up to the surface and that is the purification that I’ve been speaking about.

Tuning into your body means letting go of that which prevents you from tuning into your body. And so, if for example, you are stressed about your health, or your family, or people that you know or work or situations around you, or yourself or just you don’t know why because it’s from some deep aspect of your subconscious. If you’re stressed, the stress in itself has nothing to do with reality, but it is real, because it’s changing the way that your body, your emotional body, your mental body, your physical body reacts to the state of being that is life.

Part of the meditational practice is that you need to understand that the deeper you go, the deeper the purification, the deeper the situation that you’re faced with about yourself and about the way that you’ve created this idea of self that comes up and that comes up to the surface. You may have thought that you are this type of person, or you are like this, or meditation is like that, and you begin to understand that it’s not really as simple as the mind wants it to be.

Do you know, the mind creates this simplicity because the mind wants some sort of control of the situation, but tuning into the energy body means that you just let go and allow the wisdom that is within the original aspect of yourself, the mind, but do you know you could call it – the intelligence – the wisdom that’s within your mind that comes up to the surface when you let go and when you don’t lose hope. This wisdom comes up when you don’t lose the connection that you have with your practice.

As you breathe in and breathe out, just take a few moments now, to be present. Be present to the beautiful energy here in the now. And let go. It’s a beautiful moment of deep stillness, and profound relaxation.

You may wish to continue for a few more moments, letting go, and opening up in a receptive, joyful, peaceful way to the energy that is Life. Thank you.

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