A Beautiful Experience

A deep state of consciousness, which is what meditation is, is the same as the deep state of sleep that we experience every night when we fall asleep. There is a sense of healing that happens in the body, due to the natural detoxification that occurs as we sleep.

Not only does the brain begin to fire and wire in a different way, but the grey matter in our brain begins to understand much more than the way that we understand the world when we are connected to the mind in a very specific format.

This means that we begin to accept that there is an intelligence within us, and an intelligence around us that can help guide us, and, when we trust that beautiful sense of being, we are guided towards a point within ourselves that recognises this, and that intelligence begins to communicate through our bodies, through our thoughts, and through our feelings. It is a beautiful experience because what we are doing is opening our spiritual heart.

When we are opening our spiritual heart, our spiritual heart is receptive to the gifts that are part of this intimate connection with the world that we have forgotten about.

This intimate connection is not just a deep connection that we have in the same way as when we are asleep, rather it is an intimate connection that helps to heal the mundane mind, and the addictions that have become so very powerful in our world and in our culture.

These addictions are so obvious today and when we come back to an open spiritual heart, and the open spiritual heart is receptive to the gifts that we receive when sitting in stillness, there is a sense of fullness that allows us to be stronger in the mundane world and the addictions are no longer as relevant in our life as they were before.

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