12:12 The Day of Awareness

There is an awareness that’s coming up to the surface, and it’s wonderful that this is happening, but such an awareness requires our specific mindful presence, something that I call mindful awareness.

Mindful awareness helps us to be aware of the subtlety that’s happening in the world, meaning that which is coming up to the surface. Sometimes it’s not just feelings and emotions, coming to the surface, sometimes it’s not just thoughts or other people’s reactions to different situations, as sometimes it’s also the inner forces, that which helps everyone to truly be connected to the complexity of what it means to be a human being.

Awareness is something that we must absolutely address and commit to as a very special and important endeavour that we want to be part of our life. In the world today, through the socialisation and communication of our world culture. the subtle aspects are not really recognised as important. Everything else is important – the material world is important, work is important (and of course it is), but the structure that holds everything together, this subtle energy, is not seen as even real by some people.

During the Full Moon, the sense of reality, even if you don’t believe or understand that there are subtle forces within, there are real, and subtle forces within us that come up to the surface and makes themselves obvious, sometimes in very dysfunctional ways.

For example, if we are not aware of our emotions, all of a sudden, and for no other reason than perhaps a situation being a trigger, the emotions come up to the surface very strongly (this happens a lot around Full Moon, especially this full moon), and they come up to the surface very quickly. For most people, it will seem as if all this information that’s coming up to the surface, or the reaction that’s being triggered, is out of place, but actually, it’s a communication and this is why I’m saying it’s a very important endeavour that awareness is meant to be part of our lives.

Furthermore, when we embrace our emotions, and all of the situations that happen in our lives from awareness, rather than continuing suppressing them, then the deeper subtle communications that we all as human beings are part of, and everything else, will begin to flow very differently.

Thank you.

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