A Feminine Perception

As we know, the feminine is different from the masculine. Women actually help society to transform at a very fundamental level because the addiction to noise, and the addiction to the external entertainments that are around, is much less for a woman, then for a man, generally speaking, of course. This is not always the case and some women are just as easily distracted by external situations, but just knowing about the planetary constellations, and full and new moons, is much more of a feminine perception than a masculine perception.  Additionally, as women go through the different cycles of life, the energetic focus for most women is much more to do with listening to the stillness, and opening up to the stillness.

For men it’s a little bit more difficult, but for everyone, basically, it’s very difficult still because if you are a woman, or a man, you can be distracted by your phone, or distracted by the TV, or distracted by your worries, or distracted by your stresses, in fact we can be distracted by so many things. And, without a clear boundary, those ‘things’ then become your meditation.

The boundaries are not really walls, but there are other clear definitions as to what you can do in your meditation. For example, in your meditation, if you sit there, worrying and stressing in the same way, but you are also trying to still your mind, the worry and the stress actually is exaggerated, and it becomes more obvious that you are worrying and stressing because there aren’t so many distractions when you are sitting in meditation. You can’t turn the TV on, or you can’t listen to music, or you can’t call your friends, and in this way, you actually make things worse.

When you sit in meditation, you are more receptive to whatever it is that you are thinking about or whatever it is that you are doing, or whatever it is that is around you. This means that if you sit in meditation and relax the body, it’s almost like a hypnotic-type situation, and if you are thinking negative thoughts, during the period, that you are sitting in meditation, during that period when you are relaxing, then you are almost absorbing the energy of your thoughts more powerfully, then when you are not meditating.

Many people might be thinking, gosh, do I need to meditate then? Is it safe to meditate? Yes, of course it is safe to meditation, if you know how to.

If you don’t know how to meditate, and this is the problem with a lot of people speaking about meditation today because it may be something that people have just read a book about, or something that people have learnt in a weekend course, or something that people don’t really understand, and they practice what they think meditation is, but meditation requires flexible boundaries that require a clear focus.

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