A Bored Mind Needs Flexible Boundaries

Whenever meditation was taught in the past, there were certain levels, and rituals that celebrated those levels, of understanding meditation that were vital as part of the initiation into what meditation really means.

This doesn’t always come naturally, because what does come naturally is a mind that is easily distracted by external situations than anything else. It doesn’t come naturally to sit quietly, and be open and receptive to the stillness. When we are sitting quietly, for most people, the receptivity is to a mind that then gets bored and begins to think about things, or to get distracted by externals.

When we create an external boundary, it helps us to understand that the internal boundary is very similar and because we’ve had experience creating a boundary, then that boundary that has been created so that the internal distractions aren’t so addictive or disempowering, allows for the inner work to become much easier. There are many ways of creating what I call internal boundaries, so that our minds aren’t distracted by the natural consequence of a mind being too bored, or a mind being too threatened, by the stillness that is meditation.

One of those important factors to take into consideration is that you don’t need to fight. Meditation is about being peaceful. It’s not about fighting. The idea that boundaries need to be rigid and dogmatic comes from what we’ve understood boundaries to be, perhaps through the schooling, or cultural social belief systems.

The boundary I’m speaking about is creative and flexible and very much in touch with the moment, meaning the moment that we are experiencing whatever it is that we are experiencing. If we are not in touch with the creative sense of presence that allows us to work within this moment, then it’s very easy to fall into belief systems that usually originate in the past, as to what this boundary means.

Then we begin to fight within ourselves, with a mind that is distracted and we try to win the mind over, to want to meditate, asking it to please be still, or we fight within ourselves and we try to push away the thoughts, or the feelings, which might work for a little while, but definitely not make our meditation a happy experience.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the way that we are addressing the mind comes from a much more creative space. There is no need to be bored by the emptiness that the mind fears.

So, without further ado, find a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths, and let the breath connect to you, beyond your thoughts. Really listen to the information, to the energy of what is being communicated, meaning what you feel was communicated, what you perceive through your heart was communicated, and integrate this experience so that you come back to this wonderful state of profoundly understanding that you are much more than your thoughts, you are much more than your feelings, you are much more than your body.

As you breathe deeply, integrate the experience for the next few minutes.

Thank you.

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