Welcome to 2020

Every new beginning requires us to look at and reassess everything we have gone through.

January 2020 will be an incredibly powerful month. If 2019 was already powerful for you, do not worry, this year we will be connecting to the subconscious and learning what is really going on, and whatever we choose to do in the next few weeks will create a structure helping us to connect to the new portal of energy.

Everyone is being encouraged to connect to their inner soul, to connect to their spiritual awakening. The world is elevating to a new dimension within our evolution as a species here on planet Earth. This vital time for spiritual awakening means that we have to let go of how we understand things and be open to a new wisdom that is coming from the new frequencies. It is important to go within, with a focus on releasing the old paradigms and habits and create a new space to come in to.

For our inner destiny to be remembered, the secret is to listen to the wisdom within the frequencies rather than to be caught by the cues and triggers that then set in motion your reaction to the situation. It is very subtle but very important. The change has already begun and has been part of the last few months.

Remember to be patient and allow yourself to see the life-changing transformation that is happening within you. Focus on your dreams for 2020 and for 10 years beyond by going a little bit deeper and look at the long-term perspective of your dream. What do you really want for the next 10, 15, or 20 years? Create a long-term plan by writing everything down but include in large letters the word PATIENCE.

One of the important attributes of patience is Trust because trust means that instead of listening to the little voice inside that says you are triggered by disappointment or sadness, or caught up in the personal or global problems happening around you, rather you are listening to and trusting yourself and trusting in the process of the neutral subconscious in a positive manner.

You are not alone. You are looked after and we are now elevating to a level of spiritual awakening that requires your patience. If you are stressing you are not being patient. If you are anxious then you are not trusting. The meaningfulness of your experience comes from trusting the experience. There is no need to push yourself. The greater Cosmos is supporting you. Trust and have patience.

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