You Are Part of the Flow

Meditation is a state of consciousness that doesn’t need the mundane perception to sabotage the flow that happens when you are in a deep state of consciousness. What meditation needs is mindful attention, being an awareness that happens quite naturally when you let go of the mundane, or when you let go of the stress and worry, or the obsessive focus that the mind can get caught up in, when focusing on specific aspects of the mundane, that can be part of life.

However, in meditation, this obsessive sort of behaviour that the mind finds comfortable just because it’s the way that the mind functions, is not really useful because it creates a lot of stress. Meditation, of course, is meant to be relaxing, rather than stressful.

Therefore, if you find that you are focused on this and that and everything else, and in your meditation, you can’t relax because your mind is too active, too busy or too caught up in the stress of the situation and there is tension and concern, just remind yourself that awareness is not about being aware of everything. It’s more an awareness that allows you to monitor what is going on.

It’s almost like you are watching your progress, and your connection in communication, and asking yourself within that level of awareness where you’re connected and deeply in communication with what is going on, and you ask yourself, “How am I doing within this state of awareness?“

That question then allows you to be present to what is really important because when you ask yourself this question, if you notice that you are drifting into a thought, or drifting into a worry, or drifting into some sort of stress that the mind gets attached to and you ask yourself, „How am I doing?“, then you are asking yourself what is the intention behind your focus, meaning what is driving your focus, what is allowing you to create the momentum whereby you embrace this deeper state of consciousness from a very conscious perspective.

First you have to believe that it’s possible. Not by creating an internalized image of yourself as Buddha, or see yourself as on your way to enlightenment and that all your problems will go away, rather it is about being real, and observing that you are here, present to your breath, breathing into the abdomen, a deep full breath and relaxing the tension in your body.

You can do this right now.

As you breathe in, breathe more deeply, and as you breathe out let go.

As you do this, notice how the body relaxes and how the mind comes back to a state of presence, as within presence there is a flow.

Notice how the energy is flowing.

Notice, as you breathe in and breathe out, how energy is flowing through your body and how the stillness that you are creating, helps you to relax into this moment.

Take a deep breath.

As you breathe in and breathe out, continue letting go.

Letting go of self-judgement, or any negativities, by coming back to this state of consciousness.

This deep state of consciousness is connecting you to the knowledge that you are not separate, rather that you are part of the flow.

Know that now you are elevating to a level of consciousness that is deeply connected to the energy of life.

You are breathing this in, but you are also embracing this within the state of elevation that you are creating.

Take a deep breath.

Usually it’s good to continue in stillness for a few more moments, just letting go, relaxing, and being present.

When you are connected to your heart, when you are connected to your breath, everything flows.

Thank you.

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