Remember to Relax

It sounds quite obvious and quite simple to relax the body, but in the end, if we scan our bodies, we are likely to discover that we are not really that relaxed. We may think we are relaxed, but actually we’re not. In meditation, if you are truly meditating, then the relaxation response is part of your experience.

You see, the nervous system needs to relax, and this is part of what meditation, and the deep state of consciousness that meditation allows you to experience, a more relaxed nervous system, because the way that the neurons fire and wire within our brain begins to change.

What we may notice is, and we won’t notice it through our mind, but what we may notice, as an intuition, or as a sense, is a feeling that we are dropping into a deeper state of meditation. Such a sensation is our guide.

From there, we can’t fight, we can’t begin to feel agitated about our mind, or judge our mind because we are relaxing. If we begin to feel agitated, or begin to fight in this way, then our mind will pull us out of the deep state of consciousness, which is meditation, into a more mundane state. To remain connected to a deep state of consciousness, it is important to allow for this creative exploration of the moment to happen by relaxing the nervous system.

Let’s try this right now.

As you scan your body, if you notice some part of you is not very relaxed, then you can consciously create a boundary, by saying to yourself, ‘I’m relaxing my shoulders, I’m relaxing my face, I’m relaxing my jaws, I’m relaxing my hands, I’m relaxing my hips.’

Sometimes you have to really focus your energy so that you can recognise that there is tension happening that you may not realise is happening, just because it’s become a habit.

Very often we tend to clench our jaws, and our face without even knowing. This sort of tension is aggression. Aggression comes from this sense of feeling unsafe, feeling threatened by the external situations that we are facing, and it’s important to communicate to the neurons in our brain as they fire and wire, that this is not the case now. Communicate that it is okay to relax, to change the habit, to change the perspective, and to move to a deeper state of well-being.

Sometimes we will have to repeat this procedure a few times. We will have to repeatedly say no to the brain that’s caught up in this addictive behavior, that comes from the mindset that the world is a difficult place. All these belief systems and all these ideas need to be let go of tin order to reach our potential. This is the boundary that we can create, we can say no to those aspects that keep repeating themselves in the background like a script.

In the end, it takes a little bit of courage, a little bit of focus and a little bit of clarity to keep coming back to this wonderful state where everything is okay, where we can let go of the belief systems and focus our energy not on the negative, but rather on the positive.

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