What is Beyond Thinking?

Very often we will connect very deeply in our meditation, just like in sleep, when we connect to dreams or begin to open up to REM sleep.

When this happens in our meditation, we will not only begin to connect to dreams, but also to the intelligence, the wisdom that is present in this moment. This is possible when we remove ourselves from the distractions, meaning from the flow of mundane everyday thinking, and open up and become very receptive to everything that is happening all around.

This is the state of oneness that is created as we move deeper into meditation, and is also why beyond the mantra, the next level of meditation is stillness. You see, as we create a boundary, and a clear focus and move to a space within ourselves where the distractions of the ego mind are not so powerful, then there is a lot in this moment that we can enjoy and celebrate. We can then also recognise that there is so much more going on in the world, and that just the way that we think or perceive the world then manifests our experience.

Of course, we will recognise that we have feelings, but even beyond the feelings, we will recognise the energies of life. This is where the difference becomes obvious.  It becomes like when we are asleep, and are dreaming. The dream world is so very different from the mundane world that our minds are so used to. It’s a totally different experience and in the same way as we let go into transcendence or expansion, the connection that we come back to, or that we are in alignment with, as we connect to this space, beyond thoughts is one where we begin to receive the gift of life.

The gift of life is a profound sense of well-being. We feel connected and vibrantly alive to the connection that we feel deep inside of ourselves and with everything.

From this beautiful space, it is very difficult to be distracted by the mundane mind because when we are in touch with this beautiful state, then it’s almost as if we’ve clarified within the brain, and the way that the brain functions, that there is no need to fall back into the mundane. There is no need to be distracted by the mundane because we have said No, that we do not need this experience, because we have chosen to open up to the power of the heart within ourselves, rather than be constantly manipulated by thoughts.

Then, when we open to the power of our heart, the practice is very profound. The practice of meditation is about a discovery, a discovery of who we are, the truth of who we are.

One of the important things to remember to do, is to say Yes to the spiritual heart that is beginning to communicate it secrets to us. The spiritual heart knows where to focus energy. So, if we are in connection with our spiritual heart, we are naturally guided to a place beyond our physical heart, beyond the distractions around us, and we are guided through a space that cannot be communicated in words. We just know that we are being guided?

Then by saying Yes, we are really saying yes to the trust that happens as we move deeper into a state of meditation and let go of all the chatter and all the distractions and addictions that the mind is so very used to being engaged in.

Thank you.

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