Free Moody Thinking

If you are feeling moody, or negative in any way, remember to sit in stillness and meditate and let go of tension. Let go of the emotional turmoil that so very often reduces our openness to deep and profound meditation.

So, right now, take a moment and, as you breathe in and breathe out, let go of the tension and the moodiness, or repetitive thinking that is there in the background, and part of so many people’s experience. Know that this is not really part of your core being.

It is so important to come back to the breath, or the essential quality of the breath, and notice that the breath, as you breathe into the abdomen, and as you breathe into the diaphragm, this breath allows you to relax and come back to the centre within yourself. And, this centre is a detached perspective that allows you to breathe more deeply.

Firstly, imagine that the breath (as you breathe in through the nostrils) is moving down into your belly and connecting you to your centre.

Then, from within this centre, there is a detached perspective that allows you to open up and be very receptive to the energy of healing that is around you.

Breathe in through the nostrils, with a deep breath into the abdomen and also breathe out through the nostrils. This deep breath is soft and gentle, and is a wonderful sensation that allows you to let go and to discover the real self, rather than the ideas of the self that the mind so very often creates, which is not just part of depression but very often part of the negative quality of thinking that so many people are attached to.

You can let that go as you come back to the essential quality of the self of who you are in this moment, and realise that this sense of detached perspective, the sense of just being present to all the energies from a state of acceptance, allows you to move to the depth of your being and recognise that here in this moment this depth that you are connected to guides you, and supports you.

You can trust this depth within yourself in your meditation, but also in all sorts of everyday-type situations, you can accept this depth within yourself.

Breathing in, breathing out, just taking a few moments now to relax and integrate this experience.

Every time you find yourself drifting into a negative thought, or deep challenge, identify where in your body you feel these emotions.

Then, see those emotions as separate from yourself, because they are just part of the mood; part of a thought or part of a feeling. Identify the flow of that mood, the flow of that thought, the flow of that feeling, and then notice all the other interesting types of thinking that surround that mood, thought or feeling. Observe the energy flow and become aware of your personality, and your attitude and perhaps notice if you have a tendency to want to get rid of those emotions, or those negative thoughts, or the attitude that is creating suffering.

When you become aware in this way, know you’ve created a new perspective.

Recognise this deep within.

Thank you.

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