Smell The Fragrant Flowers Meditation

Meditation is about focusing your attention on the good things, the beautiful things, the simple things, so that you create a state of gratitude within. You see, if your mind gets caught in other thoughts, the most beneficial thing to do is to keep coming back to that inner strength, that inner clarity, that inner motivation that is deep within your heart.

Your heart is about beauty and love, and as you come back to this beauty and love, the soft feminine energy supports you in bringing more joy, more creativity and more love into your life.

So, as you breathe in and breathe out, you may wish to place your hand on your heart, and remind yourself that this is the space to come back to; this space of joy, this space of creativity, this space of love. This is the space to come back to.

If your mind wanders off, just remind yourself as you place your hand on your heart, to come back here to this present moment, and then breathe deeply into the abdomen.

You can imagine as you breathe in and out that you’re breathing in the fragrance of beautiful flowers, whichever flowers you love, and just smell the fragrance. As you breathe deeply, the smell awakens the heart a little bit more.

Breathe deeply into the abdomen and as you breathe in and breathe out, imagine you are in this beautiful space surrounded by your favourite flowers, breathing in the fragrance, so that your whole body is in connection to the vibration of this fragrance.

Sense how your body relaxes on the outbreath; a deep full outbreath.

Breathing in and breathing out, notice how the energy around your body becomes lighter just by breathing in this beautiful fragrance. The heaviness just disappears.

You may wish to clean the energy around your body, by purifying the energy around your body with your intention, and by visualisation. What you can do is move your hands around your body and imagine that anything that might be stuck there, because sometimes we have energy stuck around the shoulders, or stuck around the jaws, or around the face, or around the belly, and by somatically communicating to your body through your hands, it is possible to move the energy. It’s like cleansing your aura.

Additionally, as you do this and as you are breathing in this beautiful fragrance, remind yourself of the affirmations that help to create clarity and motivation in the way that you communicate to yourself, and in the way that you communicate to your thoughts and feelings.

You can remind yourself by saying,

“I’m cleansing and releasing the past.“

Then, as you breathe in, and move your hands around your body and repeat this as an affirmation within yourself, you can let go of those pains and those worries, those troubles and those stresses and those anxieties, as you focus on different parts of the body.

For example, you can release the energy from around your throat, or around the face, or around the hips. Just take a few moments and be guided by your intuition and your creativity, and as you cleanse then be open and receptive to the light energies of space that is around you.

As you receive this energy, as you open your palms towards the space around you, towards the universe around you, repeat within yourself, “Thank you“.

This is the gratitude, this is the appreciation that you are repeating as an affirmation within yourself.

Thank you, for gifting my soul with this beautiful light energy. Thank you for connecting me to my truth, and thank you for connecting me to the light of love. Thank you.

As you breathe in and breathe out, just take a moment in stillness to enjoy integrating this powerful sense of gratitude that your heart begins to be open and receptive to.

Your heart is open and receptive to the positive affirmation that you have now communicated to the universe, and that you’ve communicated within yourself. It’s your truth. Your thankfulness is the gratitude that allows you to connect to your truth. And your truth sets you free. You are in connection to this light, to this loving energy.

You may wish to repeat this a few times or you may wish to just be still, breathing in the fragrance of the flowers, sensing the lightness as it connects to your body, especially as it connects to the depth of your heart.

As you connect and are more open and receptive in this way, you are connected to your heart.

Deep breath. And, as you breathe in and breathe out, spend a few moments relaxing.

As you breathe in and breathe out, just stay here for a few moments, staying connected to your heart, staying in the present moment for just a little while.

Breathing in, breathing out.

You may wish to repeat within you, I am this beautiful light.

Repeat within yourself, breathing deeply, settling into this affirmation: I am this beautiful light, pure, and free. The energy that surrounds me is this beautiful light, pure and free.

Then, just be still and allow for this affirmation to go to the space, to the depth within yourself where this communication continues.

You may sense this as a deep sensation within the heart, a deep sensation of just feeling content, feeling connected in such a way where you know that there is nothing more needed.

You’ve created the space.

You’re light and free.

Thank you.

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