Life is the Teacher

Your experience in life is the real teacher.

You cannot pretend that the real teacher is not speaking the language that you know to be true and pretend that language away by imagining another language.

You are human, you are here present to what is going on. To be more and more present means to be more and more present to everything, to the world as it is. It also means being truthful to the world as it is means being open to all that you see, all that you experience. To clarify, I mean being open to your mind, and open to the subconscious aspects within you, as by opening you then don’t get caught by them.

It is important that being open, being truthfully open means that you’re open to everything, even open to letting go of your attachment to that pain. It doesn’t mean the pain will go away, but rather by letting go of your fascination with the destructive pain and suffering that takes you from one thing to another, by looking at things in this new way, your eyes will open to the knowledge that is within the teaching that is happening, because you are looking without attachment to the pain and the suffering.

Furthermore, as you look without attachment at the destructive aspects of yourself without attachment, without desire, or need to understand, or change, or do anything, just look and come back to your centre, come back here to this moment.

Looking from this moment, from the perspective of true awareness, awareness that is not attached or caught by this or that but simply present, you realise (and this may perhaps be a mere concept at the moment for you) that every little experience is a reminder of something more profound.

Every pain, every suffering that you’ve gone through, is the opposite reflection of the perfection that you are, and without that opposite, without that clear reminder, that clear picture to show you that there in that moment where you suffered, or here in this moment where you’re suffering you see the possibility, the potential.

Simply by being, there is a potential beyond the destructive but that awareness comes through the recognition of completeness, through the recognition that this aspect of your destructive behaviour – fear, gives you the key to knowledge, the key to an experience that is beyond that limited aspect, because it gives you the opposite, and thus gives you the complete picture.

As you breathe in and breathe out and watch what is going on around you, watch what’s going on inside of you with the awareness of detachment, as you come back to your centre, simply observing the extremeness of life, and coming back here to this moment, what you are doing is spiritual practice. You are coming back to the divine principle that is within supreme consciousness, and that is you, because You are perfect!

May, today in your spiritual practice, the remembrance of perfection be so very clear, so that all else is seen from that clarity, from that perspective, from that focus.

Thank you.

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