Experience How to Release Tension and Stress in 5 Minutes

I would like to offer a meditation for those times of stress and tension.

Firstly, it is good to make sure that we are comfortable.

Secondly it is interesting to know that when we breathe in and breathe out, (and we can do this now) and let go of tension, stress, or agitation, we are helping our mind to connect to the vibration in the split second where reality reveals itself. And, as Pythagoras discovered, we may realise that everything is a movement, and that movement can be manifested as a sound, or as the symphony within the universe, or it can be manifested in many other different ways.

Such a positive conscious perspective allows us to respect the cycle of our meditational practice and thus recognise that meditation is not to take us anywhere, it’s not to force a change, but rather to bring us back to what we already are aware of, and to let go of tension.

If we still have tension now, we can spend a few moments scanning the body, so that we can recognise what part of the body is holding this tension. Very often we’re holding the tension within us, within the organs, or within the muscles or ligaments of the body.

Be aware of this, as with the awareness comes the freedom to let that tension go.

As we breathe in and out, as soon as we become aware of any tension, we can simply let it go and come back to the natural cycle of the breath. That is the practice, and in this way, we can come back to this wonderful sense of deep inner peace and joy.

We don’t need to try to find the joy, or try to find the peace within ourselves, because then we’re involving the linear dimension of mental conceptualisation that then tries to find something somewhere. Everything is a circle, there is no beginning, no end. We cannot find anything in our past, nor can we find anything in our future, because the cycle of our practice is in this moment.

So, as we let go of the idea that the future will bring us happiness, whatever that may be, meaning that perhaps if we find something we are looking for, or if our needs or desires get fulfilled in some way then we’ll be happy, if we let that go and understand that in this moment, in the cycle of our practice that’s connected to this present moment, then we are allowing for this wonderful sense of joy, peace and deep connection to the world to come back and reveal itself to us.

This may be noticed as a warmth, or a tingling sensation in the body, as the energy is moving through. Alternatively, we may notice this as a deep inner sense of tranquillity, and again that’s the energy moving through.

Subsequently, as we recognise this in the same way as we are aware of our thoughts, or in the same way as we may be aware of our feelings, then we become aware of the sensations that reveal to us the cycle of our practice. As it is through our practice that we are continuously unveiling that which is not true for us, such as the negative belief systems that create those pains and tensions, and can then let them go.

To be able to let something go, it’s usually important to be able to see that that aspect is no longer useful, or has never been useful, and to let it go. We don’t have to let things go consciously, as just by coming back to joy and peacefulness, it is natural to let go of that which doesn’t allow for the process of transformation to happen.

As we keep coming back to realising that we are in connection to a deep inner state of tranquillity, and peacefulness, we are in connection to a deep state of inner joy.

It’s not that we have to see it through our mind’s eye, we don’t have to understand this through our thoughts, rather it’s an experience.

As we give ourselves time, and create a regular practice to continue breathing in, letting go, breathing out, letting go, then, in between those moments, when everything is very still, we can expand the stillness, so that we are connected to the stillness within, but also to the stillness around us, and to the cycles of joy, and of deep inner peace that are not just within us, but all around us.

Take a deep breath, and, as you breathe in and breathe out, let go.

Relax, let go, and enjoy the stillness.

Enjoy the state of inner peace that we are creating, as we let go of tension, let go of stress, and enjoy this beautiful moment of presence.

Thank you.

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