Affirmation of Deep Trust Meditation: Transform Negative Energy

Now is a wonderful time to come back to this space of inner stillness.

As you breathe in and breathe out, trust consciousness, or as some would say trust the Divine, or trust God. Some might use the term trust the higher aspect of oneself, but whichever words you use, it is beneficial to trust the action, the flow of this trust that allows you to expand into the space.

Then, as you breathe in and breathe out, keep repeating this affirmation, this mantra, quietly to yourself. The mantra could be something like I am happy, or I am luminous, or I am the space of deep trust. It could be an affirmation in this way, or it could be just a sound that you create that expresses this trust in a very expansive way.

Subsequently, you’re expanding the energy from your body, especially from around the solar plexus, and you’re expanding this energy so that you include the space around you. You are not simply self-centred or focusing just on yourself, you’re actually including the ecology of life into the experience that you’re having.

In this way happiness is shared, and the sense of flow is shared with the eco-system that is life, creating a spiritual meaning in your experience.

Consciousness is all about trust, but it’s also about trusting this level of consciousness, so that you are not just being controlled by your thoughts, or controlled by your mind, but being able to inhale in this way and expand into trust and expand this trust into a joyous feeling and a happy experience.

It’s especially useful to repeat the sound, the affirmation, the word on the outbreath, and be aware of the energy that you use to repeat the mantra. Some people will repeat the mantra quickly because they want to make sure that they don’t think, or don’t get lost in some sort of distraction, other people will drift into the mantra, and drift out of the mantra.

Just notice how you’re repeating the mantra and repeat this deep within, not just in your mind. If you notice this is what you’re doing, then repeat the mantra in this state of trust. Just making sure that as you repeat, you’re repeating on the outflow of breath, on the outbreath, and as you’re breathing out and repeating the mantra, that you’re resting your attention in this state of trust, in this state of happiness.

As you breathe in, you’re bringing this sense into the space of your breath, so that the energy that you create when you repeat the mantra has this connection, of trust, joy and happiness.

Rest your attention here in this moment. Even if you’re distracted rest your attention here in this moment and keep repeating the mantra.

If you get distracted, or lost in a thought, let that go and come back.

Make it a playful game, “Oh, that’s nice, I’ve been distracted by this thought or by that thought. I will give it just the awareness that it needs and then come back to the presence within me, to the presence of the mantra as it repeats itself within.”

Continue breathing in and breathing out, and letting go for a few moments, repeating the mantra in stillness, and, whenever you’re ready, coming back.

Thank you.

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