Calm Within the Chaos

Every time you find yourself in a noisy, reactive sort of state, because someone upsets you, or the situation you are facing is truly upsetting, remember you have a choice.

You have a choice to energize that chaotic mode of thinking or behaviour, or you have the choice to transform the space so that, even though your experience is chaos, your focus is coherence.

This means that your attention comes back to the focus, which allows you to connect to the coherence that has been created (because the brain is so very powerful), meaning the coherence that has been created within this state of presence, within the focus, that allows you to let go of the chaos and come back to this empowering state that everyone has access to.

You cannot say to yourself that this is difficult, or doesn’t work for you, as it is simply a matter of practice.

As you do this, even the noise in the background stops and manifest a wonderful sense of coherence in the ways that things develop around you.

So, it is very important to keep coming back to this beautiful vibration within. This means connecting to the vibration, and making sure that the mind doesn’t slip into a reactive state by thinking about something that’s negative, if you slip, just come back every time your mind does this. Come back to the affirmation that you are here, present. Present to the frequency of this beautiful Light that now expands beyond just my thinking, and expands into the space, into all aspects of my experience, whatever the experience may be.

Even if the situation is irritating or noisy, this beautiful Light expands, and the frequency of this Light expands into this experience, transforming the way that we process the information.

Let us practice now.

As you breathe in and breathe out, trust that your practice brings you back to the state of coherence, brings you back to this state of calmness within the chaos.

Deep breath.

And, as you let go, breathing in, breathing out, connecting to the frequency of Light, the frequency of the beautiful forest, the frequency of a beautiful mountain, the frequency of a beautiful connection to a natural aspect of this life force that we all share together.

Deep breath.

You may wish to continue for a few more moments coming back to calmness, coming back to stillness, coming back to this beautiful state of awareness, where your focus is to create coherence rather than to fall into a reactive, agitated, nervous or anxious state.

Come back to this beautiful calmness within the chaos.

Deep breath.

Thank you.

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