Responding to Anxiety Effectively

What are you avoiding?

What energy are you holding back?

What are you actually doing?

All of these questions help you to understand that fear in itself is not only a waste of time, but it is not helping you to move forward and address the situation you are experiencing, in a way where transformation happens.

Anxiety doesn’t lead to transformation. Anxiety leads to fear, and the repetitive thinking and feeling of fear in many different ways. Subsequently, those different ways then become so overwhelming, as your thoughts jump from one thing to another, that they become anxiety.

It is important that you recognise that these thoughts don’t need to keep you from feeling your deeper emotions. This is where creating an intention is extremely valuable, as in doing so, as you release the anxious energy that has been held within. Additionally, by tensing or tightening the body, and then releasing the tension in a very specific part of your body, (the area that feels tense in this moment) you can go a little bit deeper and ask yourself, which emotions are flowing through this part of the body.

Remember also, now that you are active in this way, that you are not avoiding anxiety and stress, or react to a situation in a way that creates avoidance, and that creates this inability to be kind and mindful of the situation, rather you are letting go of the energy of avoiding the pain, avoiding the fear, and you embrace your communication.

This starts with the tensing and relaxing, and when you embrace the communication from a more mindful and aware state, then you can use meditation and mindfulness to transform and elevate and communicate to the challenging emotions from a sense of positivity.

Still, you may be worried on some level, about a situation because it’s real, but now that you are elevated, now that you’ve let go of the tension, now that you’ve let go of the fear behind the tension that’s communicating in many different complex ways, now that you’ve let that go of all that, at least on a physical level, real communication begins.

You may notice the communication being something like, “Okay. What is the best way to move forward, and to connect and to embrace this experience from a sense of positivity?”

Understand, that when you have this level of consciousness, then already anxiety is diluted to a level where it’s more manageable, and stress is not really as stressful now, when compared to how the mind thinks when it in a state of fear. Now the experience can be looked at as just another everyday learning-type situation.

Thus, why not spend a few moments now, simply tensing and relaxing different parts of your body so that this experience becomes practical and you can understand how and when it’s important to connect to the physical body and relax the tension.

Spend a few moments now just breathing in, tensing the specific part of your body that you feel has tension, and, on the out breath, relaxing, and in a mindful way, connecting to the deeper flow of emotions, as you relax and let go.

You may wish to continue for a few more moments. Breathing in, and as you breathe out, letting go.

Thank you.

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