Healing Habitual Mind Patterns

Without boundaries, most human beings (and this means, most human beings) will get distracted by their thoughts, their feelings, by the intensity of the situations going on in their lives, by other people’s dramas, and generally by anything that is happening, that engages the mind in some form of communication.

Therefore, to create boundaries is not only virally important, but doing so also helps you to enjoy your meditation because it allows you to connect to your meditation on a level where meditation is real.

For many, meditation means that you’re sitting still, closing your eyes and then just wandering off from one mind story to another, or from one daydream to another.

However, for me, meditation is about creating a state of consciousness that’s very unique.

We know from science today, that the state of consciousness that we connect to through meditation is recognisable through some of the MRI scans that scientists, and people who are interested in neuroscience, have looked at. There is a clear boundary within the brain that creates a very different type of communication than just the normal communication that happens in everyday life, and it can be noticed that the neurons are firing and wiring in a certain way.

If you don’t allow this unique connection to consciousness to happen, then it’s very difficult to stay in a state of meditation, or even to understand what meditation is all about.

Thank you.

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