Choose the Creative Way

It’s always good to relax the body, and to create an intention to relax. Even if there is stress in the body, even if there is tension in the body, even if the shoulders are aching a little bit, there’s tension there. Even if the jaws are a little bit tight, stressed, there’s tension there.

However, know that as soon as you create an intention to relax, that some deep part of yourself truly understands that you are now moving beyond that tension, and even though it may be a little bit of a journey for the mind to relax, and for the emotional body to relax, know that you have now taken the first step, by choosing consciously to move beyond the tension.

Interestingly, this is not just an individual choice, because as you choose this creative way or transforming tension to a state of relaxation, you’re doing this not just for yourself, but also for all the cells in your body.

Understand that now you’re focused on deep relaxation, and letting go of tension, what you are doing is also choosing consciously to move beyond tension for the collective that’s within each of us, and also the collective that we’re a part of.

Additionally, when you do this, know that you are supported, that you are not alone. This is very important to remember.

When you are in your meditation creating an intention, that intention requires a level of deep trust that is part of the practice of embracing the realization that you are now supported by a symbiosis of life. Supported by the divine within the sacred in the cosmos, to move beyond tension and are supported to move beyond this sense of stress or anxiety.

What is very important then is to choose to come back to the gentle compassionate energy that’s within your heart and in this way allow for the fears, wounds and shadows, to be part of the letting go process, part of the collective letting go process.

As you breathe, it is beneficial to extend the out breath, in a gentle and slow way.

Notice as you do this, how easy it is to connect to the energy of your intention, so that the busy mind slows down.

The focus is so much clearer.

Begin to perceive and understand and connect to the experience of life through this awareness through mindfulness.

Deep breath.

You may like to continue breathing in stillness for a few more moments.

Thank you.

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