Heal with a Mantra

The manipulative ego mind will want you to be distracted as you sit in meditation. When it does this for just a few minutes each time it is okay, but after three minutes, the mind will usually find something else to focus on because the mind is threatened by stillness. This is because on some level stillness means that you have to let go of the way that the ego is functioning, and by choosing to meditate you’re restructuring your whole being, and bringing the feminine quality of your being into the forefront. Highlighting the feminine quality, which is more the creative perceptive part of yourself, is an important aspect of the balancing.

The way that the mind perceives the information, which doesn’t mean that the mind stops working, and it also doesn’t stop you thinking, but rather you perceive the information in a very different way, by embracing the feminine quality means that you are beginning to let go of the struggle that the mind is so very often busy with.

The struggle can be many things, it doesn’t have to be that you’re thinking about something that’s negative and that you’re stressed, it could just be that you’re creating confusion within you, because you’re not able to focus your energy in any specific place, normally caused by there being no structure in the way that you are meditating.

If you’re meditating, and you find yourself getting lost in wonderful daydreams, or getting lost in imagining what life would be like if or when, then, you know, this is a level of relaxation that’s very useful, but it’s not meditation.

The structure of meditation is something that all mystics have put into practice and have been teaching for thousands and thousands of years. It could be something as simple as repeating a mantra to yourself, as by repeating a mantra this creates a structure and the structure is your focus. As you focus your energy in a very specific direction, meaning that you are constantly reminding yourself to repeat, a mantra, whatever mantra you like to repeat, which could even be as simple as saying, Peace, or Light.

And as you repeat peace, or you repeat light as your mantra, and repeat that on the out breath, with your focus in the sound that you’re creating within yourself, in the vibration that you’re creating through the sound that reverberates throughout your body, you are creating an awareness that you are connecting to peace or light, or to the energy of whatever mantra that you’re repeating. And, as you repeat this on the breath, you’re also focusing on the breath, which creates a rhythm and the rhythm that you’re creating as you slow down the breath, as you repeat the mantra, is one that more than relaxes you, and extends the space within, so that there is this experience of expansion, or transcendence.

Such is one of the wonderful clues that you are actually moving into a deeper state of meditation and expanding into the stillness. It is within that state of expansion, that you’re experiencing the fullness of what it means to be present, not just to your mind, but present to the light that’s within the space, and within the experience that’s within the space.

Very often when we forget to acknowledge this expansive or transcendent space, then our minds very easily become focused on one thing, and on the flow of thinking through this linear dimension that the mundane mind functions from.

However, as you become more creative, it is possible to receive the intelligence or the wisdom that’s within the space that you’re expanding into, or transcending and connecting to.

Thank you.

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