The Beauty of Nature

Let us celebrate the beauty of Nature – the heart of Mother Earth.

Let us sing the pure and simple power of life and celebrate its plants, animals, colours, movements and wonders.

Let us enjoy the essence of things and experience the wondrous Universe that sings through our hearts.

Let us become aware of the images of reality we have created.

Let us see what happens when our consciousness changes and we reach a state without any tension, a state of deep breathing, focused on the heart, full of peace and deep stillness.

Let us be present to what is actually happening and awaken to the many dimensions of the reality we are living in.

Imagine becoming still, quite naturally, and, in this stillness finding wholeness.

The Power of Nature can be evoked through a direct relationship with all of its aspects.

By being one with the animals, the plants and the mountains, we embrace an important part of ourselves.

Let us develop respect and appreciation for all of the aspects of Nature for the healing that they are constantly giving us.

Let us move beyond the simple satisfaction of personal needs and become something greater in order to create a reality in harmony with our spiritual aspirations.

Let us take responsibility for our processes, raise our consciousness and find the love and the light in each situation.

What a marvelous feeling to be in harmonious relationship with All that Is – a feeling of right participation in the Universe.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tony Samara

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