Creating a Structure for Meditation

Often, in order for us to take a few moments to come back to a deep state of awareness (that is meditation) it is beneficial to create clear boundaries. 

One of those boundaries is, through your intentional focus, to communicate to your mind that now you are sitting in meditation, and it is not necessary to be thinking or caught up in the communication about various aspects of the mundane world that often happens in the mind 

It is possible to create a clear boundary, whereby the mind understands that now you are engaging in meditation, and this means that you are connecting to a state of stillness, meaning that the mind doesn’t need to interrupt the stillness. 

When you clarify this intention within, and sit in meditation, then already you’ve created a direction, or a space, where you can focus your energy and move towards this deeper connection to the state of well-being that is stillness. 

Without such a direction it’s easy for the mind to get caught up in all the interesting things that the mind thinks about, or engages in, because the mind is always curious to connect to something whether it be positive or negative, whether it be a distraction or a habit, or just a repetitive type thought. The mind doesn’t really like this experience of emptiness. 

So, to connect in this way to stillness, means that we need to create clear boundaries and say no to certain experiences. 

It’s not that you are repressing your mind, or the thoughts in your mind, but rather creating a clear boundary and letting the mind know that now it is the moment that you will connect to the meditational space that focus your energy on this connection.

Once you clarify this within yourself, then already you’ve created a structure for the meditational practice that is vital. 

If you don’t have this structure then it’s very easy to get lost in thoughts, to get lost in feelings, to get lost in distractions, or to get lost in all the wonderful experiences that we enjoy during the day as we do whatever it is that we need to do. 

However, when you sit in meditation, those experiences are not required, they are not an important part of your meditation. 

Thank you. 

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