Humanity’s Struggle with the Illusion

There is this desire within humanity, this need, this want to always struggle to get somewhere and that somewhere is the future, it doesn’t really have very much to do with this present moment. It’s the future and very often the future is confused because it’s very much part of the past. This is what some people call karma, the energetic residues that I’m speaking about, the unwanted energetic residues that come from the spirals of yesterday and the false personalities, some people call them illusions.

That battle is not happening here in this moment, that battle is part of the heaviness that humanity still insists on carrying, carrying, and struggling and fighting and projecting this sort of heaviness onto nature and onto other people, constellations, themselves, onto whatever is around, whatever fills the space, but the space is now emptying and it is time to honour the beauty of emptiness.

Emptiness is not empty of beauty, emptiness is the letting go of the old residues to invite that which is unseen, that which is invisible to the mind, especially if the brain is caught in a negative bias type situation, to the mind that is now awakened.

This is the awakening that I’m speaking about.

Excerpt: ‘The Palace of Consciousness’, by Tony Samara, available now:

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