Taking Responsibility for our Wellbeing

Very often, when things are challenging because everything is intense, we tend to want to look away from the difficulties. However, this period is very auspicious and allows each of us to take a hard look at what we are doing, how we are reacting, how we are communicating to the world, and how we are placing ourselves in the constellations that we might find ourselves connected to.

Very often, we like to blame people, or blame ourselves, or even we like to procrastinate about things, but this time is not about avoiding responsibility. It’s about making sure that we re-connect to this sense, this knowing that it is possible to do whatever is needed to change the situations that may be causing an energy drain, or that may be causing us a sense of suffering, or a sense of just not being happy about various situations that may be very intense at the moment.

At times like this it is good to take responsibility for our well-being.

Now I know this word responsibility doesn’t always sound very positive, but responsibility is making sure that we connect to whatever it is our experience might be, from a state of positivity.

This includes not just the constellations that we might find ourselves engaged in but also includes how we observe and how we connect to our bodies, so that we connect in a healthy way.

The state of our health and the state of our well-being is very important, and this depends a lot on our attitude.

Many people have an attitude that is one of trying to move away, or escape from the pain or the suffering, that might be even physical.

Yet, if we look at the situation in a direct and clear way, then we can very often not only take responsibility for the situations, but also somehow come to a place that is a very transformative point within ourselves.

It is very transformative because not only do we empower the positive that’s within ourselves, but we also manifest this positive outside of ourselves.

(Excerpt from ‘Coming Back Home’ an eBooklet by Tony Samara)

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