Remembrance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine

Being connected in a state of togetherness is a beautiful experience, because it helps us to connect to what is really important at this moment. To be open to the sacred feminine energy and to be open to the sacred feminine energy, in a way which hasn’t really been the way that we’ve lived our lives in the evolutionary sense of connection to the feminine and the sacred feminine.

We’ve lived very much in fear, and in a state of contraction where the masculine, the masculine energy, the masculine paradigm, has overwhelmed the feminine.

Today, I’d like to invite you to invite the sacred feminine energy, so that this togetherness, this oneness, makes more sense.

The feminine energy, the sacred feminine energy that is within all of us, doesn’t depend on gender, doesn’t depend on male/female, it’s within all of us, and within all of nature.

Tis the energy of running water

Tis the energy of the wind

Tis the energy of the tides and the flow of life

Tis that intuitive whisper, the soft emotion in the tear that just comes up to the surface and rolls down your cheeks

It is that open heart

It is the softness, the soft emotions, the soft feelings

It is the mystics longing and journey beyond separation of the mundane and back home to a space deep within that makes sense.

It’s like the breeze, the sound of the rain.

It’s like the stars shining in the dark sky.

It is so important to recognise the sacred in all and everything.

To be open and receptive to all and everything.

The masculine energy is also part of everything. It is within all of us. The masculine energy is sacred.

But we’ve forgotten what it means to be connected to the masculine in a sacred way.

The masculine is found in an intention to reach and connect and discover.

The masculine is found in directness, the stillness, the presence, in the Oneness.

It is the here and now in the elements, in the elements of nature, in the elements that surround us, that create us. In the elements that celebrate themselves in the universe and the cosmos, it is the process, the activity, the movement, the shift.

Tis the remembrance that we are embodied in a way that connects us to the sacred.

And, it is in that remembrance, that we are the cosmos, we are the universe.

Excerpt: ‘The Call of the Feminine’ a new Booklet by Tony Samara:

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