Reach for the Stars

When the body is breathing in rhythm with your physical breath and you are conscious of and present to that, and you are totally there allowing it to happen, then there is a marvelous transformation.

Did you know that it is possible for you to do this right now?

Take a few minutes as you are reading these words to focus on how wonderful it is to breathe in. As you breathe in, don’t breathe in like a mechanical robot but rather breathe in, in a way that is like going to a new place, to a beautiful beach or mountain that is spectacular.

Take a deep breath and sense how wonderful it is for the body to experience the newness of this breath, and to be connected to the wisdom that we are breathing in, because we are not breathing in in a mental, mechanical way, but we’re breathing in in a complete and unified way. When we are breathing in all that is life, then the life force that is inherent in every particle around, in every aspect of nature, whether it be a simple weed in the garden to the majestic trees in the forest, breathes with you. And, that is what creates deep relaxation.

Then your rhythm, your physical rhythm and subtle rhythms, are back in touch with the marvellous rhythm, which is the orchestra of life that is present in all aspects.

It’s not just present, on the physical level of what you see here on earth, for example, the tree or the weeds, it is also in the movement of the galaxy and the stars within the galaxy and even what makes the stars move within the galaxy. It has an orchestra of beautiful sound that is inherent in the breath, and that is what happens when you are focused on the breath.

What changes is that you don’t just listen to your mind or emotions, but you listen to this beautiful divine music that is life. And the thing is, when you hear this sound, it is almost as if it is a balm to the soul and it reminds you, as an individual, but also in this sense of harmony and union, what it means to be alive.

When you remember, when you come home, back to that aspect of yourself, then this remembering creates a different interaction with the situations that you’re dealing with, and this is what is required for transformation, not psychological mumbo-jumbo, or New Age this or that to justify whatever, or intellectual intelligence that tries to confuse your simple perspective of life – it is just a matter of practice.

Anyone can do this. Whether you are a farmer in the middle of Bolivia, or an executive running to the office in New York, it is exactly the same. We are all linked in to this wonderful wisdom.  The first step is remembering your breath.

I believe it is so essential in this moment, because the world that we’re living in is facing a wake-up call, asking us to relax and look at the big picture of things, rather than focus on what we believe to be so important.

So, take a deep breath and ask yourself what is valuable in your life. Ask yourself how to put that into practice.

There is no need to ask yourself about what is the meaning of life, because the meaning of life is what you put into life, not what you take out of it.

This is where people misunderstand. Being born in the western culture makes it difficult, because we have a program and a social culture that makes us see and believe things to be in a certain way, and we get disappointed that it is not in this way. We lose our way very easily because we go searching for all those little things that we believe make us happy.  

We find a little happiness here and there but we still end up with the question, ‘What is the meaning of life’, even when we have experienced all those things.

We then realise that we have not invested enough time into what we feel is of true value in our lives. We have not put this into practice, and then the value of living becomes so important for the heart that the heart, and you, as a conscious human being, understand that the meaning of life is love and that love is in this moment.

Love is not something that you have to ask about, or try to philosophise, or try to put into a box or find in some box outside of yourself – rather it is this moment of love.

It’s your choice in the end. You are totally free. It’s your choice to experience this love and to put this into practice, or it is your choice to play the games that we have been playing as humanity for thousands of years.

This is why the wake-up call is sounding now, and why change is needed now. We have done it in the old ways for too long.

We’ve been misguided by people, by situations, by our loved ones, even by people who say that they care about us. This has been happening for so long, that we don’t even recognise what is important and what is of value anymore.

I will leave you with the question, ‘What is of value to you?’

Look at it, put it into practice and breathe.

Thank you.

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