What is Meditation?

Many people have never heard the word meditation before whilst others have heard it and understand it from a certain perspective, or a certain reality. Yet, meditation is very simple. It is not a technique, or the repeating of a certain word over and over again, but rather, it is a state of mind that happens when you come back to a sense of joy and freedom within yourself.

For example, when speaking to a few people some days ago, they were explaining how difficult it is to remain happy. For me, meditation is about bringing happiness into the part of yourself that listens – truly listens. You cannot listen to the wisdom with a part of yourself that is angry, or with a part of yourself that demands to be free of the pain or the suffering that may be felt in this moment. Instead we have to create a space that is joyous.

The way to create this space, is to bring something much deeper into the picture, into the meditation. The first step is to remind yourself to relax.

When there is stress, what you are doing is taking yourself away from the core of wisdom, from the core of your being. Instead, relax and ask yourself:

“How can I create more relaxation around me? How can I create more tranquility and more peace?”

When you do this, something begins to change. Firstly, your focus begins to shift, and as you relax, your focus expands. Then, as you relax, you move into a very interesting space and this is the space that I call meditation.

You don’t have to do anything except let go, let go, let go, and go deeper, so that the beautiful nourishment – the beautiful light that is shining – moves deeper and deeper, to all the energetic points inside of your body. This helps you to relax, and as you relax more and more, there is very little space for all the emotional limitations that your mind, or feelings, may bring up during this profound moment of meditation and this very powerful moment of transformation for this planet, called Earth.

As you relax, there is no space to hold onto anything that stops you from flowing with the harmony that is around you. This is the secret of this form of meditation.

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