The Meeting of Opposites

Today and in the next few weeks, you may notice that hidden truths get revealed to you, and that deep, deep within each one of us, and it is important to recognise this, not just within ourselves, but deep within every one of us, there is a sense of responsibility for what we believe, and the empowered awareness that we can let go of what we have been told by anyone.

This is what I call unlearning and unlearning is the gateway to the transformation that we are now embracing.

My intention is through practical fortitude, to keep discovering how to get deeper and deeper into a sense of connection; a connection to the wisdom that addresses our deepest quandaries and that lets go of all those old aspects that very often hold, not just you and me back, but holds the whole of humanity back in a level of thinking that is no longer part of this present moment.

It is important to listen and to be aware, which is basically what Rumi spoke about, when he said that our task is not so much to pretend to know, or to try to get to that place where the mind says, Oh, yes, that’s it, but rather to allow for the experience, the experience of love, to be what you are present to. Meaning that you seek to dissolve all the barriers within yourself that you have built against love.

So many of us are afraid. So many of us just don’t know what to do.

So many of us are lost because we have inherited a certain mindset, or a certain way of thinking, or a certain way of doing things that then builds this invisible wall that we have to unlearn.  This wall can be painful, and to unlearn it sometimes takes a little bit of patience.

This is what mystics do. This is what you are doing. This is what we are all doing on some level, even if we don’t really understand what is going on.

You see, what is happening, is that there is a meeting of two opposites, that are creating a very elevated perspective of knowledge, or openness to knowledge, that then voices our deeper inner mystery.

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