Is Seeing Believing?

“Sometimes silence is golden, and seeing is not really the revelation of truth. Additionally, and the old saying ‘seeing is believing,’ is perhaps not as simple as it sounds.”

Tony Samara

It’s important that we begin a meditation by just focusing on letting go. Letting go of the mundane thoughts and feelings that so very often transform our perception from one of neutrality, to one of very attached perception.

I call it attached perception because the perception is attached to the reality that we think is real, rather than to the reality as it really is. It’s a very complex type situation, because the perception seems and feels very real.

Sometimes when we look deeper, especially when practising meditation, we realise that the unconscious forces shape what we see, feel and think. Sitting in meditation is about transforming our perception so that we are connected to the various levels of consciousness.

Of course, there is the deep, profound consciousness that we experience here in the world, which is very profound and very deep. Then there are other levels of consciousness that we are not so familiar with.

Very often when we begin learning about, and practicing, meditation, we get in touch with the unconscious and that is a very exciting, and often very new, experience for many.

Sometimes the dreams become clearer, sometimes sitting in meditation, there may be thoughts that come out of nowhere, or feelings and perceptions, or even visions and light, and all sorts of interesting forces that reveal themselves to us in our meditation.

This highlights the fact that we are moving from one level of consciousness to another.

There are of course, many levels, but in this book, I would like to focus on what affects the perceptions that we have most strongly.

(Excerpt from ‘Transforming Unconscious Perceptions,’ a new eBooklet by Tony Samara.)

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