The World We Live In

The world that we live in is chaotic because there is so much negativity that needs to be dealt with. But what is chaotic begins to change, and this is a miracle. This miracle is happening right now in each individual as well as in the world. Whether we see it or not, it is happening. And this miracle is for you to embrace it, for you to individualise it, and for you to put into practice. And it’s easy!

In the beginning you will have resistance, because the emotions will say, “What about me?”

The negative aspect of the emotion will say, “Look! I’m important. How can you just leave me aside?”

However, I am not saying to leave your depression, or your suffering, or your anger behind, rather I’m saying to give equal attention to joy and love.

All of us invest too much energy into the negative aspects of ourselves as this is why we’re manifested in this physical dimension of the world, because we have karma that we need to deal with. But we’re not dealing with it. Most of us, even people working with me, practicing spirituality, we’re not dealing with the negative karma, instead we’re putting more of our attention onto this aspect of ourselves as it becomes so strong, so visible.

Forget that old way of doing things, and put more attention to this other aspect of yourself that is there.

Take a deep breath every time you meet a situation that makes it difficult for you to move out of the chaos, which is surrounding you.

Take a deep breath and connect to something that brings more light into your being.

See the picture inside of your heart and look deeper until you reach a point where there is light shining, and then allow that depth of light to expand.

I will walk with you on this bridge, even though it seems like the bridge crosses the abyss that takes you down to the places that no one ever wants to go down to. We will cross the bridge together.

Join the many other people who are putting meditation into practice, as the more people who put this into practice, the more peace, joy and love expands everywhere around us.

(Excerpt from ’Discover Your Inner Buddha’ by Tony Samara)

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