A Time of Deep Change

This is a time for deep change, and hence why I will soon be conducting another online retreat with everyone.

Many of us are experiencing the excitement of these changes on various dimensions, and it is important for you to comprehend that this change is happening on a collective level.

You are being asked to come forth in the light of your truth, so that as a whole, humanity can embody its intuitive compassionate nature, and from within that space, create new structures that function from this higher perspective.

As we witness the destitution of the old paradigms, it is important to acknowledge the newness that arises from within the present moment.

This is my intention for you at my next retreat – that you may truly be present to what arises from within the vibrational frequency of your heart and be inspired to creatively engage in the world as a beacon of love.

I call this the Awakening of the Heart.

I hope you feel inspired and ready to share, and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Tony Samara

For more information about Tony’s online retreats, (that take place instead of the live retreats in Portugal) we invite you to visit Samara Retreats.

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